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Marble Surface

Topics include:

  • A study of Race and Anti-Black Racism in Education

  • De-Centering Whiteness- Critical Race Theory, Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogies

  • Racial Trauma in Education- Being Trauma Informed

  • ,Awareness, Self-Reflection and Self-Examination

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Africa, African Diasporic Identities, and Empowerment

  • Building a Culture of Youth Engagement

Marble Surface
  • Panel Discussions

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Motivational Talks

Can be facilitated within 20-60 minutes; according to audience and engagement needs


Speaking Engagements

Workshop series available with 4-6 sessions, individual workshops are 45-90 minutes.

Marble Surface

Services available for facilitation, development and implementation

Marble Surface
  • Curriculum Development and Program Framework

  • Community School Advocacy

  • Youth Programming

All services in accordance to individual and organizational needs.

School & Community Consultations

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Community Consultations

  • School Equity Consultations

  • Strategic Planning Consultations

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