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Our story

Education On Trial has humble beginnings. We started in 2011, with the aim of offering meaningful programming that provided rich academic and social experiences for disenfranchised youth from the community.

By carving out inclusive spaces of wellness against all forms of oppression, we were able to improve students' physical, mental, and emotional health as it correlates to their academic and behavioral success. 

Today, Education On Trial is a leading consultancy in bridging the gap between communities and schools to enhance their capacities by navigating the challenges connected to equity, bias, diversity, inclusion, anti-oppression and anti-racism.

Our mission is to provide quality education services that cultivate culturally responsive practices in communities and schools through organizational development, research, and community networking.



Our team


Jonatan fuentes (BEd, ME.d)

Jonatan Fuentes is an anti-racist educator and community development worker with extensive experience in youth mentorship and community development in ethnically diverse and marginalized communities.


He brings a multifaceted approach to curriculum development and creating safe and inclusive spaces within schools and communities. Jonatan is well experienced in developing successful partnerships within the non-profit and public spheres. 

Jonatan’s research interest include examining the individual and systemic barriers faced by Black children and youth in navigating Ontario’s public education system. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on issues concerning race, identity, urban education and culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy. His comments on these topics have been featured in the Etobicoke Guardian, North York Mirror,, and CBC Radio One. 


Ryan Fuentes (MSW, RSW)

Ryan Fuentes is a community educator and social worker with many years of community involvement working in ethnically diverse and marginalized communities from an intersectional, anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens. He brings a multi-dimensional approach to creating diverse, equitable and inclusive work spaces, forging effective partnerships and facilitating capacity building for educators on creating socially and emotionally nurturing schools and classrooms. He is a workshop facilitator, motivational speaker and has delivered several keynotes. 

Ryan has a special interest in anti-racist and anti-oppression human rights advocacy, particularly in the area of anti-Black racism. His experience and passion are grounded in community development, research, youth mentorship and engagement. His research focusses on identity, diversity and anti-discriminatory practice, educational and occupational access and equity for marginalized youth, schooling and educational attainments for historically disenfranchised students, community-centered and anti-oppressive approaches to student learning, well-being and collective success in schools.  

Ryan is a frequent speaker and commentator on issues concerning race and racism, culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy and critical race theory in Canada. His comments on these issues have been featured in the Etobicoke Guardian, North York Mirror, and other significant media outlets.

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