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Equity and Justice in Education

Challenging Racism and Oppression in Communities and Schools

what we do

We provide professional development opportunities to help individuals and organizations challenge racism and other forms of oppression, and develop diverse, equitable and inclusive schools, communities and workplaces.

ABOUT Education on trial

Mission: Education on Trial provides quality education services that cultivate culturally responsive practices in communities and schools. 

Vision: We envision an education system whose policies as well as teaching and learning practices, ensure the academic success and cultural connectedness of all learners.

Who we are

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jonatan Fuentes

Jonatan Fuentes is an Educator,

Community Worker, Coach,

Writer & Entrepreneur.

Ryan Fuentes

Ryan Fuentes is a Writer, Speaker, Community Educator, Social Worker and Human Rights Activist.


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Workshops, Learning sessions, equity consultations

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keynotes and guest lectures

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Conferences, symposiums, panels


Community Consultations

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